Creative Process Journal

oil on linen, 2013

The work of art is fascinating, sensual and surprising. But as much as art-making is filled with delight, passion and pleasure, people involved in creative endeavors also face many varied challenges. In this intimate process journal, I take a deep dive into the experience of art-making as I explore what this 30-year practice shows me about being alive. These pages are full of the authentic questions that come up when I really tune in and listen. I imagine I share them with many others. Sometimes these questions yield answers that solve problems, sometimes they remain unanswered, but they always inspire and enrich the experience of creation.

 This blog is for:

  • My students and other creative artists who are interested in a conversation about the process of art making.
  • Art lovers who want to expand their enjoyment and appreciation of all works of art through gaining deeper insights into the process of art-making.
  • Healers, seekers and students of creative processes in general who want to study patterns and similarities between different creative ventures, across disciplines.


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