12 Months in 2 Minutes: Interpreting Nature Across Shifts in Time, Scale and Medium


These past few months as  I have been painting tea bowls I have also been working with Chris Bradley on a 2 minute video that attempts to describe  my  12-months of work on the Pond Series, put to music by my talented  friend Yvette Cornelia . It is always hard for painters to represent  their work apart from showing the original painting because reproduction and scale shifts involve all kinds of distortion. In this case the 70 pond paintings are part of a year-long process/practice and a few digital images seem especially unsatisfactory. So this video is an experiment that is trying to get at the essence of the piece in 2 min.

If you would like to see the video in a larger format you can go here  . I also now have 60 of the paintings up in my gallery on my website . (Thanks to my friend and web-master Grisecon ) Now that the video is done I am beginning a search for the right venue to show the entire work all together, any advice or ideas would be most welcome. I look forward to your comments.

Next post returns to the tea bowls!


2 thoughts on “12 Months in 2 Minutes: Interpreting Nature Across Shifts in Time, Scale and Medium

  1. Your video of the pond series is simply extraordinary. I so appreciate your sharing your process and paintings with us. You encourage me to really see the subtle changes in the world around me, the beauty day to day. Your blog postings and musing throughout the process were very much enjoyed as well. You are an artist with paints, with words and with inspiration. I hope you feel deep joy and fulfillment from your gifts and talents. They bless me. Many thanks, Michele from Cincinnati


  2. Thank you Michele for your lovely comment, encouragement and deep feeling.It is a pleasure to connect with my work to others who appreciate nature and art, and amazing to be able to touch “strangers” so far away. Thank you for listening, looking and taking to time to comment. Happy New Year!, adam


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